fPserver requires java2 version 1.2 or better.  This Readme gives procedures
for installing java2 version 1.3 and the java plug-in on Linux.

If you are using the fPserver CD then mount the CD using the instructions
that you received with the CD.

If you downloaded fPserver.gz off of the web site then the files you will
need to install java2 are in rpm format in java2jre2_RPM.tar and self-
extracting binary format in java2jre2_Linux.tar.  They are located under 
Utilities - linux.  Download the appropriate file to the /mnt directory.

java2jre2_Linux.tar contains j2re_1_3_0-linux.bin and
java2jre2_RPM.tar contains j2re-1_3_0-linux.rpm.bin.


To install j2re_1_3_0-linux.tar:

If not already root enter:           su
Move to /usr/java directory          cd /usr/java

Extract j2re-1_3_0-linux.bin         tar xvf java2jre2_Linux.tar

Install j2re-1_3_0-linux.bin         ./j2re-1_3_0-linux.bin

java2 is installed.


To install j2re_1_3_0-linux-rpm.tar:

If not already root enter:           su
Move to /usr/java directory          cd /usr/java

Extract j2re-1_3_0-linux-rpm.bin     tar xvf java2jre2_RPM.tar

Extract j2re-1_3_0-linux.rpm         ./j2re-1_3_0-linux-rpm.bin

Install j2re-1_3_0-linux.rpm         rpm -iv j2re-1_3_0-linux.rpm

Note: It can happen that your installation may fail with a message such
as "glibc >= 2.1.2-11 is needed by jre-1.3" even though glibc2.1.29 (or 
greater) is on your system.  This can happen when your glibc was not 
installed as part of an rpm package and is therefore not on the rpm file 
list.  In that case, this JRE 1.3 rpm installation package won't recognize 
that glibc is installed.  To force the JRE 1.3 installation to proceed, 
use the --force option:

    rpm -iv --force j2re-1_3_0-linux.rpm


To install the Java Plug-in follow these steps:

Uninstall previous installation of the Java Plug-in, if applicable.

    rm -fr $HOME/.netscape/java
    rm $HOME/.netscape/plugins/javapulugin.so

Set the NPX_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable:

    export NPX_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/java/jre1.3/plugin/i386

Start your Netscape browser.  If your browser is already running, 
close it and restart it.

Close and restart your Netscape browser again.  This is necessary because 
of bug 4358142.