fPserver requires java2 version 1.2 or better.  This Readme details procedures
for installing java2 on UnixWare7.1.0 only.

If you are using the fPserver CD then mount the CD using the instructions
that you received with the CD.

If you downloaded fPserver.gz off of the web site then the files you will
need to install java2 are in java2jre2_UW710.gz under Utilities.
Download java2jre2_UW710.gz to the /mnt directory.

java2jre2_UW710.gz contains:

    freefonts-2.0.pkg           (contains freefonts)
    ptf7408e.pkg                (required upgrade to UnixWare for java2jre2)
    ptf7410f.pkg                (required upgrade to UnixWare for java2jre2)
    ptf7446c.pkg                (required upgrade to UnixWare for java2jre2)
    java2jre2a.tar.gz           (contains java2 runtime files and modified
                                 install/request script for UW7.1.0)


cd to the /java directory.

Extract java2jre2_UW710.tar:   tar xvf /mnt/java2jre2_UW710.tar

gunzip the .gz files with      gunzip ./*/*.gz

To install freefonts-2.0.pkg:  pkgadd -d /java/freefonts/freefonts-2.0.pkg

To install ptf7408e.pkg        pkgadd -d /java/ptf7408/ptf7408e.pkg

To install ptf7410f.pkg        pkgadd -d /java/ptf7410/ptf7410f.pkg

To install ptf7446c.pkg        pkgadd -d /java/ptf7446/ptf7446c.pkg

To install java2jre2a.pkg      pkgadd -d /java/java2jre2/java2jre2a.pkg