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filePro ® Customer Support Policy

Over the years, filePro ® has continued to update its software to improve upon an already powerful Data Base Management System. We are committed to our products and our customers. We are now offering an enhanced annual support contract. Please review this policy statement and the documents that are referenced for complete details. Annual contract support will be limited to the current and previous version of each qualifying product. Per-incident telephone support will be available on a best effort basis for older versions. This will eliminate questions on old versions, hardware, applications and operating systems.
Our development and technical support personnel are linked by the latest technology in communications to assist you. We utilize a filePro ® database to track calls, prioritize them, and assign them to the technical area that can address your issue. At that same time, we will be verifying your support status. Once your status has been determined, you will be assigned an Incident Number for the tracking of your incident until resolution.
Free telephone and e-mail support is offered on installation issues for the first 30 days from invoice date on a new license purchase. After that period of time, you can either pay a per-incident fee or you may purchase an annual support contract. Support calls will be limited to filePro ® issues only. If it is determined to be a bug within filePro ®, no charges will apply for the support call. If the error has been fixed, we will notify you. However, as is the case throughout the entire computer industry, errors are repaired in the current version of the software. It is impossible to maintain quality and cost effective software and service if the errors are repaired in both the current and previous versions. If the bug has been repaired in the current version and you are at an older revision, you will need to purchase the upgrade to the current version.
If it is determined to be a hardware, application, or operating system issue, you will be billed the per-incident fee. (For all issues outside of filePro ®, you should contact your hardware or OS supplier for resolution.) When you call in, or send emails, to filePro ® Support it will expedite things if you have your account number. On emails, please use your account number as the subject. This will assist us in sorting your inquires by your account number and allow us to address all correspondence together. If it is determined that you are beyond your free support, you will need to have a credit card number ready to pay the per-incident fee or purchase an annual support contract. (For per incident calls, you will be notified at the end of the call if an incident was billable.) To expedite payment, you can fill out the order form and fax or e-mail to fP Technologies.
If you do not have an account number because you purchased from a filePro ® developer, you should contact the developer for support. If, for some reason, you do not have a developer or your own account number, you must contact sales at 800.847.4740 or E-Mail Sales to supply the necessary information to get your account number. You must have an account number prior to getting support, which must be issued via the sales line.

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