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Updated Error Message file for *NIX 5.8.01 Version

MySQL Connectors and ODBC Libraries

Installation Utilities Menu (For Older filePro ® Versions)

  • Installation Utilities (SCO and Linux only). Utilities that will set up printers, clean up edits and configure files, add user configure files, install Sample and Tutorial files, document and rebuild indexes, monitor for locked records, find out exactly who has which file and record locked, view/print wide reports and a number of tools for those of you who like to program filePro using a text editor. View a map, search for a string, edit encrypted or unencrypted files with syntax checking (including checking for number of colons, length of labels and lines), check encoded status of prc.tables and encrypt or un encrypt prc. tables. A more detailed description is also available.



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Supported versions are 6.0 and 6.1 - Current Release is - Update Subscription is - fileProWeb is V374

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